Participate in Myanmar Software Showcase 2015

To get more engagement into Myanmar ICT area as an ICT solution provider, we participate in Myanmar Software Showcase 2015, which was attended by President Thein Sein, and opening remark by vice President Sai Mauk Khan. In the showcase, we have featured ASCS – Automobile Service Centre System, a new approach to manage automobile service centre seamlessly. We are going to public release the ASCS in May this year. Currently we are providing software development for business, that accessible from either private LAN or cloud. And will continue to develop application that can change life of people in Myanmar.

Jointly organized by the Myanmar Computer Science Development Council and the Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF), the event is aimed at boosting the IT industry in the country. On opening remark, the vice president said Socioeconomic development is impossible without the full utilisation of ICT. ICT has become an essential tool for clean government, good governance and transparency, and its wide use will provide more job opportunities for young people. In Myanmar, ICT has been employed in banking, insurance, tourism, super- markets and hospitals.

President U Thein Sein has given guidance on the establishment of a cyber city near Yangon City. Dr Sai Mauk Kham urged IT technicians and industrialists to contribute to the newly planned cyber city dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Myanmar,” emphasizing a master plan to produce more human resources in IT fields. Myanmar Software Showcase 2015 was held in MICC, Nay Pyi Daw, from Apr 1 to Apr 2.