Management Advisory, Globalization

Our business intelligence and analytical management approach enable us to provide advisory services to top management. These services allow them to think out of the box, innovative solutions to the problem. We work with your management team to understand your regional and global objectives and advise pro-active and cutting edge solutions to high level managements.

Given the paradigm shifts in the global economy, every now and then, every organization and team needs strong management and capable leader. A resourceful leader who can foresee and manage crisis situations, take strong decisions and has a long term vision for success. Vision to Motion’s leadership training will help you develop your managers to emerge as that kind of a leader and help your organization lead the business to new heights.

Rental Office & Secretary service

We are providing Rental Office in Yangon Myanmar, a starting point for your business to have foot print in Myanmar. From this point, you can see the market, meet clients and do business. With secretary service and office work, we take care the daily business routine, make sure you can continue your work while in Yangon, and even when you are away will never miss a chance.

You can start any time. After contract, next day is ready to use address and phone number, and all service will be ready in a week. Whatever your needs are, we have the flexibility to tailor-make a plan that is most suitable for you.

Non-stop service for all your business needs.